Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predator Restoration Pt. 1

I had the pleasure of being asked to restore a Predator mask by thePlainfieldButcher. The sculpture by Bob Bagy is really beautiful. The mask is in rough shape being partially painted, full of super glue, full of holes and rips, and missing 8 dreadlocks.

  • The first picture shows the scale of the mask next to a Creepster and a few Demon Seeds.
  • The next pic shows the handful (literally) of super glue I pulled off it.
  • Next, I removed all the dreads and labeled them and the head. In addition, the dreads and head had to be patched and seamed.
  • The teeth needed to be pulled and clean also.
  • Finally, I made molds of 4 dreads to cast up the missing 8.
I’ll post more updates when I start to paint this bad-boy!