Thursday, January 20, 2011

X-Fluke Collector's Edition Retired

The X-Fluke collector's edition mask is officially retired. The final copy was produced in early January and with that the edition is no more. Big thanks go out to the 18 collectors who who each own a copy of the Flukester!

The X-Fluke was a replica of the X-Files Flukeman monster. Originally introduced back in 1998 as the Devil's Workshop's fourth collector's edition mask, the X-Fluke was made available in both a standard and deluxe edition which was produced with acrylic eyes. From 1998-2000, 10 of the 18 copies were produced and sold. These numbers reflect 2 deluxe editions and 8 standard edition copies.
Original Paint Master of the X-Fluke
Close up of the Deluxe X-Fluke
The edition was originally introduced back in 1998 in both a standard and deluxe edition. From 1998-2000 10 of the 18 copies were produced and sold.

Along the way, the X-Fluke graced the cover of a Headhunter's Quarterly issue. This particular copy being painted by Doug Goins of Hoosier Effects Co.
Cover of HHQ - Vol 2 Issue 4
In 2009 the X-Fluke went back into production with the intent of releasing the remaining 9 copies. All 8 were to be released as super-thick deluxe editions. 3 variations were released during this later run.

The first variation featured pupil-less yellow eyes. The second variation featured red eyes with pupils. The last and final copy to be produced featured yellow eyes similar to the original release.
Variation 1 - Yellow pupil-less eyes
Variation 2 - Red Eyes
Close-up of red eye variation
Variation 3 - Original Eyes
Here are a few more pics featuring full head shots of the original release and the later release.
Fear not creeps, with an old Devil's Workshop collector's edition being retired, a new collector's edition will surely fill the void. Keep your eyes pealed for news of a new release this spring!